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Disclaimer + Credits


We do not claim ownership of any images that we post in our articles.  We also do not claim ownership of the images that we use to make our site banners *.  If we ever post our own images (which will be rarely), we will let you know. :)

All our news come from already established websites such as omgkpop, omgjpop, seoulbeats, popseoul, allkpop…etc.  We are merely summarizing them for your convenience so that you can view these news conveniently on your own Tumblr dashboards :3  We will always link back to the article where we received our information.

None of the information written here on apopofasia should be considered 100% true.  We write what we hear, we summarize what we read, and that’s all.  We try to keep our own opinions out of the articles, and when we summarize articles, we edit out the commentary included by the original writer of the article.


This theme was created by Kiyla on Tumblr.  We have made some edits to the theme, such as adding a header image, changing font sizes, adding the disqus code to the HTML, and altering some other little bits and pieces.  

Questions still?

Please email us at apopofasia@gmail.com!


* We would like to emphasize once more that we do not claim any ownership over the artists featured in our banners or the images that we have chosen to use.  If our choice of images bothers you and you would like us to remove it, please feel free to let us know via email.  Thank you!


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