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❶ No bashing.

↘ Please do not bash on the writers, the articles they post, or the celebrities and artists related to the articles we post. We are not here to write about which group is better. We are only posting articles for other readers’ enjoyment. In general, just don’t bash AP!OA in general. If you don’t like what we post, there’s an “Unfollow” button you can click.

❷ No spamming.

↘ Do not spam our CBox, our Ask Box, our e-mail, the Disqus comments section, etc. We will get to you ASAP, so please don’t freak out and think we’re ignoring you. We’ll work things out. Spamming us will just annoy us, and is a waste of time for not just us, but you, too.

NOTE: As of early May 2010, we have removed our Cbox due to violations of this rule.  We hope that we won’t have to remove any other features such as replies, or disqus comments.  Thank you for understanding and protecting this rule!  Let’s keep apopofasia clean, guys!  Thanks!

❸ No stealing.

↘ Do NOT steal any graphics, ideas, etc. from AP!OA. We worked hard to bring you all of this information about Asian entertainment. Please reblog responsibly and give all proper credits.

❹ No Advertising

↘ Once again, this falls under the category of spamming. Do NOT advertise in our CBox, Disqus comments, etc. If you would like to become an affiliate or if you would like to link pages with us, please just contact us via e-mail or our Ask Box. Once again, don’t overwhelm us with repeated requests. We will definitely get back to you. Contact us directly first. We won’t bite unless there’s a reason to.


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